The Fear PDX Haunted House
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The Haunted Holiday Attractions at The Fear PDX

Featured Haunted Houses

Gingerblood Bakery

Something may smell good but don’t be fooled. An extra ingredient that's added to this ginger bread dough makes this recipe extra special. You!

House of Krampus

Little Scotty Lynd made Krampus’s naughty list. However, when Krampus came to collect, he said “Damn Scotty this is a nice house. I think I will move in and bring my Christmas ghosts and monsters with me.

Clown Chaos

Why does there always have to be clowns? Is it because they too want to enjoy the holiday’s? Nah, they are just here to terrorize you.

Rudolph's Revenge

The Famous Reindeer of all has gone unhinged from the bullying… He teamed up with his reindeer ranch minions and has turned the stables into the perfect killing fields. Look who’s laughing now!

Scare Zones

Hacksaw Holiday Tree Lot

Haven’t picked your family tree yet? Hacksaw has you covered. Make this tree picking experience a new family tradition. That’s right, this is a real tree lot with a twisted creepy theme!


Cold hearted spirits feed on souls within this frozen land.

Additional Attractions

Demented Toy Factory

The elves have been working nonstop since last Christmas and it has definitely affected them in the wrong way. Instead of toys for cheer they are creating holiday fear.

Santa's Naughty List Shack

You discovered old St. Nick’s secret play area. The place where he packs those special presents for the extra naughty kids. Santa isn’t passing out coal this year. But here’s the catch, you have 3 minutes to figure out how to not be next the victim on the ‘naughty’ list.

Radioactive Rampage

New for 2023, in this game you are playing against your friends or others. One of your hands must remain within a small guillotine. Throw teamwork out of the window and complete the task with your free hand before the others at the table or lose your trapped hand.

Questions About the Attractions!

Are any of the attractions full contact?
No. None of our attractions are Full Contact. We do not push, grab, or separate you from your group.

Is it Scary?
Yes! We are Portland’s Scariest Haunted House and we want to maintain that reputation.

If we are in the last time slot, will we be able to see all the attractions?
Yes, our attractions stay open.  Typically we start closing our midway attractions 20 to 30 minutes after the final group exits the main haunts…

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