The Fear PDX Haunted House

The Attractions at The Fear PDX

Factory 13

This abandoned factory has many secrets. People who enter easily get lost in its labyrinth of multiple underground tunnels. This structure has fallen into a terrible state of disrepair. The smell of rotting decay is strong. Something terrible is happening here.

The Kill Floor

Those who check in never check out. Catch an elevator to the 13th floor. Also known as “The Kill Floor” it’s all fun and games until somebody falls behind. Watch out for ghosts of the unlucky and get out before they trap you within…

The Blood House

Not your ordinary carnival fun house, the walls of this once wacky place of laughter and fun are now dripping with Blood. Could be from all the killer clowns running around. Step right up while you still can, see what’s left of this happiest place on earth...

Midway of Fear

Once you exit our feature attractions you’ll end up inside our “Midway of Fear”. In this all-new creepy world, you can find monster photo ops, gift shop, and food/drinks. You will also find the main entrance to Layers of Darkness, our all-new extreme bonus haunt.

Layers of Darkness

An all-new Separate “Extreme” attraction. Prepare yourself for a haunted house like no other. Located on our midway, Layers of Darkness will push you to an all-new level of fear!

Please Note: Due to the nature of the Layers of Darkness attraction and the status of the pandemic, hand sanitizers will be administered to each guest prior to entering this attraction.

Questions About the Attractions!

Are any of the attractions full contact?
No. None of our attractions are Full Contact. We do not push, grab, or separate you from your group.

Is it Scary?
Yes! We are Portland’s Scariest Haunted House and we want to maintain that reputation.

Are any of the haunts the same
All our haunts are brand new for 2021. We have all new attractions…


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