The Fear PDX Haunted House Screampark

The Attractions at The Fear PDX

Dark Carnival

Once a place of laughter and enjoyment, this out of commission carnival is everything but. The rides are full of rust and the happiness has turned to fear. The Clowns are out of work and hungry for Blood. Step right up while you still can, see what’s left of this happiest place on earth...

Dead City

The Apocalypse has come and gone. Now what is left is a city ravaged with death. Don’t make a sound as it will attract the zombies that now have infested these city ruins.

The Doll Factory

This abandoned factory of plastic toys has many secrets. The experiments that now take place will leave you in a life of plastic, but not fantastic. Get ready to rock and scream but whatever you do. Don’t cross paths with the doll maker...

The Mansion

Hidden in the woods where no one can hear you scream. An old mansion sits with a history of death. The spirit of the late Lord Kolling still haunts these halls and commands anything and everything to welcome any trespassers to their finale resting place.


An all-new Separate “Extreme” attraction. Prepare yourself for a haunted house like no other. Located in a new addition of our massive building, The Nightmares Extreme Haunt will push you to an all new level of Fear!

Questions About the Attractions!

Are any of the attractions full contact?
No. None of our attractions are Full Contact. Due to the nature of Nightmares being an Extreme Haunt you may be touched. However, it is not full contact. We do not push, grab, or separate you from your group.

Is it Scary?
Yes! We are Portland’s Scariest Haunted House and we want to maintain that reputation.

Some of the attractions have the same names. Is it the same show as last year?
Some years we change our themes or leave them the same. We are Portland Metro’s only Haunted House that has a year around building. We start rebuilding in November and spend all year getting ready for next fall. Our attractions are new and now even longer.

Did you take space from “The Fear” Haunt to make room for the Nightmares Extreme Haunt?
No, the Nightmares Extreme Haunt is a new addition to our building. It is all new!


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