The Fear PDX Haunted Museum

Covid-19 Info

Physical Distancing

Guests must maintain proper social
distancing between other groups
while in waiting areas and attractions

Temperature Scans

Guests, staff and monsters will undergo
a temperature screening with no-touch
thermometers prior to entry.

wear proper face coverings

all staff and guest will be
asked to follow local guidelines
for face coverings

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Self-lit hand sanitizer stations will
be located next to exits every 50 feet
and in all waiting areas

no food or drinks

due to health reasons there
will be no eating or drinking
within the fear bubble

Enhanced Cleaning

Extra attention will be given
to cleaning our attractions and
throughout the waiting areas

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a haunted house is the massive line to get into it.  Thanks to our new timed ticketing system, we will be able to avoid any large gatherings.  Similar to a dinner reservation, we now have a limited number of tickets available for each half hour time slot so your wait time in line will be much less than usual. Time slots will sell out.

Haunted Houses are not concerts, sports arenas, trade shows, or large event spaces.  The attractions are similar to museums and you would never come within 6 feet of other groups. You walk the entire attraction in a single file line.

Besides our new timed ticketing systems, we’re going above and beyond our normally safe and distanced methods of operation, and taking it to the next level.  Here is what we are doing.

  • All guest, staff, actors, and guest services must wear facial coverings at all times within our attractions or waiting areas. “The Fear Bubble”  All of our monsters will all have facial coverings even if it doesn’t look like it.  Wear a mask for us so we can wear a mask for you.
  • Lit hand sanitizer stations will be located in the waiting areas and also next to every emergency exit, every 50 feet.
  • Temperature screenings will be required by all guests before entering the fear bubble. Based on guidance from health authorities, anyone displaying a temperature of 100 degrees F or above will not be allowed entry; those in their party will not be allowed entry either.
  • All our staff will undergo the same temperature screenings prior to starting their shift.
  • Please pay attention to all posted signs and video screens regarding covid-19 procedures.
  • While waiting to enter our attractions, please pay attention to the socially distanced markers and stay at least six feet away from other groups.  No tailgating allowed!  
  • Our claustrophobia inflatable squeeze tunnels have been removed for our 2020 season.  We know how excited you are for that.  Along with that we have also removed or tied back any curtains or characters to help you avoid from coming into contact with them.
  • Please thank our clean team. Extra effort will be placed on sanitation this year, so when you see them, let them know you appreciate what they are doing to keep everyone safe.
  • No guest without a timed ticket will be allowed access to our waiting areas or attractions.
  • Our attractions are deeply sanitized at the beginning and end of every evening. In addition, we will be cleaning high touch areas through the evening. We have always placed the utmost importance on your safety.
  • Please stay home if you’re not feeling well, our staff is doing the same. If you’ve had any of the following symptoms (cdc symptom reference) please seek medical advice.

We have been working hard to prepare our Haunted Houses so we can safely open while following current health guidelines.  We cannot wait to safely celebrate the Halloween Season with you, scare you soon!

Any additional concerns? We’re here to hear you, please contact us at


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